Smallness, beauty and colour have never blended in such a harmonious manner as in this island. With a mere 64 km’ and an everlasting and characteristic fog, this is the island of beautiful women and birthplace of the author of the most beautiful Creole mornas – the poet Eugenio Tavares.

When visiting its main attraction, the village of Nova Sintra, considered the most beautiful city in the archipelago, its marvellous houses with flowered gardens will delight the visitor. The humidity and freshness that define the islands climate propitiate the development of diverse vegetation and, in consequence, the presence of small vegetable gardens in every house.
It is not by chance that Nova Sintra was the name chosen for this city, since it is similar to its Portuguese homonymous. The Eugenio Tavares central square is the perfect example of how the beauty of nature embellishes this region. As if it was a never-ending party, the streets are always decorated with an infinite variety of flowers and trees.

Other interesting places to visit on the island are Furna, Fonte do Vinagre and Fajã d’Agua.In Furna a traditional fishing location you can find the islands port. The access to this small and peaceful fishing village is made through a very peculiar road. The distance from Nova Sintra to this village is only of a few kilometres garnished with exactly 99 turns. However this fact does not make the ride a torture, since the surrounding landscape and successive views of the majestic Fogo Island volcano rock us in a mix of contemplation and relaxation.

Fonte do Vinagre (vinegar fountain) is as the name indicates a spring from which streams water with a very acid taste. Its taste and medicinal characteristics derive from a soil where a massive vein of metal is believed to exist. Notwithstanding its advantage as a mineral water being the water used by the local populations its effect in weakening tooth calcium is noticeable.

Fajã d’Agua a green area that contrasts with the blueness of the seal is a bay known for harbouring boats during storms, since it is sheltered from the north-east winds very common in this area. With unparalleled conditions for sport fishing it represents a very important historical feature in the island since it was here that American whalers used to seek refuge. This fact was the onset to the beginning of the almost exclusive emigration to the United States of America. In fact it is common to find particularly in this island references to this country not only in the everyday language but also in the products of the daily life.

Next to Fajã d’Agua to the Southwest, there is the place that holds the most modem access for those who visit Brava: the airport. It is a remarkable feature since in the entire archipelago it is the one which most stands out due to its size and the place where it was built. Aircraft carrier is the perfect metaphor for this airport.
Generally, since this is an island with a luxuriant beauty, every place visited is a guarantee of constant joy in contemplation. Apart from the most relevant places, it should also be mentioned that the most hidden parts could also bring rare moments of pleasure.